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Tower of Hanoi Solitaire

Tower of Hanoi Solitaire
A game of Tower of Hanoi - Click the picture to enlarge
  • Family: Puzzle
  • Deck: Partial deck (9 cards)
  • Redeals: No
  • Game time: Long
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Mostly skill
  • Chance of winning: Very high - 1 in 1 if you persist


  • Object of the game: Arrange nine cards from a deck into a single pile, starting with Nine and ending with Ace on top.
  • Take from the deck, one series of nine cards from Ace to Nine.
  • Place the nine cards in three columns of three overlapping cards each, as seen in the illustration.
Game Procedure
  • Only the card at the top of each column can be moved to another column, as long as it is moved to a card of higher value (not in sequence).
  • If a space is created, it can be filled with the top card from either of the other columns.
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A game of Tower of Hanoi in SolSuite Solitaire

A game of Tower of Hanoi in SolSuite Solitaire

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